Ambassador Spotlight: The Hunting Beast

Every Friday, we’ll highlight one of our amazing Legendary Whitetails Ambassadors. Each has their own cool experiences and expertise in the outdoors world, and they want to share it with you! This week, the spotlight is on Dan Infalt, or as you may better know him, The Hunting Beast on Facebook and YouTube.

“Everyone needs a little tree time.”


Dan Infalt

Legendary Whitetails: What made you want start The Hunting Beast Forum?

Dan Infalt: The Hunting Beast forum was started to help struggling hunters improve, teach woodsmanship, and to showcase good role models. I saw a trend where new hunters were mostly learning from TV shows and magazines. They thought hunting meant being rich, owning expensive gadgets, and controlling large properties. I wanted young & new hunters to know you can kill big bucks on a budget, simply by hunting and scouting harder than the next guy. Back then, great hunters were real secretive about their tactics. I wanted to change that. I wanted to create a place where we could share information, and encourage new and struggling hunters . I wanted to make hunting less of a competition, and more about personal goals.

LW: Of all your projects related to hunting, what are you most passionate about?

DI:  The DVD series. The popularity and growth we have seen in the DVDs are amazing. The first ones are selling better now than when we released them. I feel like I’m creating a collection of tactical information that will live on much longer than me. Nothing feels better than reading emails and messages from guys who killed their first giant. Or those saying that hunting is enjoyable again. Those messages are what drive me to keep this going, hopefully for generations.

LW: What encouraged you create your educational hunting DVD series?

DI: It’s really hard to teach with words. That visual aspect really helps. I can cover more in one DVD than you could fit in an average book.

Dan Infalt

LW: What do you think is the most important thing to pass on to the next generation of hunters?

DI: Morals and ethics. It’s disheartening to see the way some hunters treat others with disrespect on social media. We’re all in this together. Hunters have enough enemies. We don’t need to fight amongst each other. I try to look back at my past mistakes and give younger hunters advice. It’s important to put family first and not becoming totally obsessed with hunting.

LW: If you could give one hunting tip to someone, what would it be?

DI: Have fun. Don’t get caught up in trying to beat everyone else. Hunting is supposed to be fun. Its a great escape from all the issues of modern life. Everyone needs a little tree time.

LW: To finish off, tell us about your favorite hunting memory. Biggest buck? Most memorable moment? Anything!

DI: When I was about 8 years old, I had a small plastic red bear bow (pretty much a toy) and a couple of my older brothers actual hunting arrows. I went out back into the farm fields behind my house in search of deer to hunt with my dog Buford. I went through some thick brush and came face to face with a buck with broken antlers.

I stared in shock for a split second. Before I could do anything, the buck charged, putting its head into my gut. It through me out of the way running for its life from the kid with a toy bow. I got up and started walking home. I was met by my parents who got a call from a neighbor who saw it happen through her window. My father told a local reporter at a bar the next day ( after having a few ) and a couple days later it was in the paper. However, either my Dad or the reporter had a few details wrong, most likely due to alcohol consumption.

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