Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Deer Poppers

Grilled Jalapeño Deer Poppers


‘-1 lb. venison – tenderloin or backstrap is preferred

-6 jalapeno peppers

-1/2 package of bacon (cut slices of bacon in half)

-Cream cheese

-1 onion (sliced into 1/2 inch pieces)

-Italian dressing


  1. Soak toothpicks in water
  2. Cut venison into 1 inch chunks
  3. Remove seed from the  jalapenos and cut into small slices or 1/2 inch chunks. Omit if you don’t like spice.
  4. Cut onions into 1/2 inch flakes
  5. On a cutting board layout the 1/2 strips of bacon in a line. Assemble jalapeno, venison, onion, and a swipe of cream cheese in a tower formation placed in center of the bacon strip. Swiping the cream cheese onto the onion slice is what I have found to be the easiest.
  6. Wrap bacon around the stack and stick with a toothpick through the middle to hold contents together.
  7. Place the bites in a bowl or tupperware container and marinade with Italian dressing for 2-24 hours.
  8. Grill on medium heat and cook until bacon is done.
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