You Might Be A Hunt Bum If…

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Off season, what off season?  A Hunt Bum has no off season.  When you live and breathe the outdoors, breaks don’t exist.  Those are for the ones who spend time playing on a field, but never time afield.  Off season is for those who run on hardwood floors and painted turf, NOT those who live for the outdoors and rocky dirt.  No, our playing grounds consist of giant trees and raging streams, mountain tops and natures breeze.   There are no timeouts or rain delays, we choose to push on without restraint.  For a Hunt Bum, the game goes on.  Each season is just the next quarter.  If this is your game, you just might be a Hunt Bum!

You Might Be A Hunt Bum If...

  1. “Roaming” is your preferred cell signal and way of travelling.

  2. Your four seasons are Fishing, Camping, Hunting, and Skiing.

  3. Your worst day in the woods is better than your best day at work.

  4. Your other vehicle is an ATV.

  5. Your freezer is full of wild game.

  6. You use your vacation time to sit in a tree.

  7. You have more camo than dress clothes.

  8. You prefer cooking outside over an open flame.

  9. Nature is your brand of therapy.

  10. You prefer to blaze your own trail.

  11. You prefer sand bars over cell signal bars.

  12. You jump outta bed at 4am for a morning hunt, but hit snooze 3 times before getting up for work.

  13. You get lost in shopping malls, but never in the woods.

  14. You drive on more dirt than pavement.

  15. You don’t need a bridge to cross a river.

  16. Your bathroom door is regularly just a tree.

  17. You don’t freak out when your phone says “No Service”.

  18. You don’t need mile markers and signs to navigate.

  19. Breaking in a new pair of boots requires a little dirt, mud, and dust.

  20. You prefer to experience nature in the first person.

  21. You call the woods your grocery store.

Legendary Whitetails Hunt Bum

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