Wisconsin Has a New Record Archery Typical Buck!

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Wisconsin does it again!  For the third time in the past four years, there is a new Wisconsin state record typical archery buck.

2012 was the year of Dusty Gerrits’ giant buck which net scored 189 7/8 inches.  His record lasted for a whopping two years before Adam Hupf surpassed him in 2014 with a Dodge County booner that scored 191 6/8 inches (Click Here to see Hupf’s WI Buck).  Unfortunately for Hupf, his record stood for less time than Gerrits’, as 2015 was the year of yet another state record typical whitetail taken with a bow.

John Kassera with his Wisconsin State Archery Typical BuckJohn Kassera is the man behind the camo who eclipsed the previous typical archery state record when he successfully harvested the giant La Crosse County buck on November 5, 2015. 

The Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club declared the Kassera buck the new Wisconsin Typical Archery Record in a recent Facebook post, which included the following details:

On Saturday January 23rd the buck was panel measured and a net score of 193 4/8” was established surpassing last year’s state record harvested in Dodge County. With a gross score of 201 5/8” the Kassera Buck has main beams of 30 6/8” & 30 5/8”. Over 42 inches of mass and 5 tines over 11” help push this buck to the top of the record book.

Check out The Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club Facebook Page for more details and photos.

Congratulations John on a terrific accomplishment, what a buck!  For now, Kassera holds the helm, but if the trend continues we will be reporting on yet another record book buck from the Badger State next season.

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