Who’s Who at Deer Camp?

AJ Gall

Deer camps are a special place whether it’s a fully furnished cabin or a tent in the woods.  Sure, the nostalgia of the setting plays a role in the exuberating deer camp experience, but it’s ultimately defined by the individuals that make up the camp.  It’s their stories and their personalities that make life at deer camp so enjoyable.

Here’s a list of some of the staple Deer Camp Personas…

1.) Bamboozled Barry – Also known as Beer:30 Bob; drinking and sleeping off the hangover are more important than hunting.

2.) Gotta Have It Gary – Always has to have the newest and the best gear…dead deer not included.

3.) The Camp Cook – Gotta love the camp cook!  Usually an older member who will slip out for a close-to-cabin evening hunt once dinner is prepped.

4.) The Buck Bomber – They will have scent wicks, buck bombs, doe estrous, and anything else they can hang from a tree or release into the atmosphere that’ll bring in Da’ Turdy Pointer.

5.) Horseshoe – There always seems to be one member in camp who’s holding all the luck.

6.) Newbie Ned – Whether they are a young gun or a new to sport hunter, give these fellas some encouraging advice. You should be nice, but you should also make them do the dishes.

7.) The Sissy – They won’t sit in anything other than a heated shack and/or won’t walk to or from the stand in the dark.


9.) The Whitetail Whisperer – A rare one indeed. This hunter will track a buck for miles or still hunt their way to success year after year. They’re a patient breed.

10.) If it’s Brown it’s Down – Yeah, they’ll shoot anything. No fawn is safe!

11.) Buck Fever Billy – They always find a way to miss, and it’s always the biggest buck.

12.) The Blood Hound – They may not always kill the most deer, but they have a keen eye for blood and they’re the one you want on tracking missions.

13.) The Morning Stroller – They’ll be out of their stand an hour after light to mosey around the woods looking for deer. Their success is limited.

14.) The Texter – Seriously man, I’ll let you know when and if I’m seeing anything.

15.) “It was THIS BIG” Guy – Based on their hand/arm interpretation of what they saw while explaining the buck to other deer camp members, they see a world record every year.

16.) The Know It All – He’ll have unproven advice for everything.

17.) Landing Strip Larry – They’ll put enough reflectors or flagging in the woods even an air craft could see it.

Who’d we miss?  We know you’ve got someone in your deer camp that we haven’t quite classified.  Let us know below and tag your Deer Camp buddies if they fit one of the descriptions!

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