Turkey Hunter Problems

AJ Gall

There are some things in life that only turkey hunters can relate to.  Please tell me I am not the only one who deals with these turkey hunting problems:

1 – Biting down on a BB 

“ZING!”  That awful realization that you either chipped or nearly chipped a tooth from a BB that went unnoticed in a cooked up turkey breast.

2 – Leg Fell Asleep

Sitting in perfect comfort is practically impossible when you’re turkey hunting.  Depending on the wait, it can go from uncomfortable . . . to painful . . . to falling over when you try to stand up, rather quickly.

3 – What am I sitting on?

There’s always a rock, stick, or root that ends up under your butt as you hunker down against a tree and wait for Mr. Longbeard to come strolling in.

4 – Zombie Birds

I’ve been turkey hunting long enough to witness several birds getting rolled over from a seemingly well placed shot, only to watch them fly away two seconds later.  Talk about an emotional rollercoaster ending in confusion and disappointment!

5 – Decoy Disaster

Windy conditions have your decoys spinning like a top…that’ll really bring them in.  It’s not much better when they blow over…here’s how to avoid this.

6 – Debreasted Bird

No, not with a knife, but with your 12 gauge.  Woops, one finally came in close and you managed to hit him a little south of where you were aiming.  I’d be careful about how hard you bite down when you are chewing, that is if there is any salvageable meat left.

7 – “Click” and sprint

That time when you let Ol’ long spurs come too close before clicking your safety off.  You have roughly one second to capitalize before he’s in the next county.

8 – Dirty Mouth Call

It happens every hunt, your saliva covered mouth call finds a way to end up on the ground.  A little dirt never hurt anybody.

9 – Creepy Crawlers and Slitherers

Mainly ticks and snakes.  Hate them both, but if I had to choose, give me the ticks x10.

10 – Busted Roost

You got up plenty early and are slipping your way through the timber to your favorite spot. All of a sudden the treetops start to explode above you.  Nice job genius, I think you were trying to get in a little too close.

11 – Hung Up Birds

You see them . . . they are gobbling at your every call . . . but they are not moving!  A frustrating experience, here’s what you can do: Turkey Hunting Indian Style

12 – Road Block

Morning light has yet to break, but you think you have the perfect set-up for those thunder chickens gobbling their heads off on the roost just 60 yards away.  As the sun begins to rise, you see the birds pitch down and just now notice the 5 strand barbed wire fence between your decoys and the actual birds…ughhh!

13 – Uninvited Coyotes

Apparently they were on the prowl for some dinner also.  It’s not so bad if they come into your empty decoy set (bang), but when they decide to burst out of nowhere and scare off the approaching birds, now that’s maddening!

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