The Legends Have Spoken

Legendary Whitetails

Our legendary deer heads have been sitting up on the wall for quite some time. And after years of silence, they have a lot to say about anything and everything in the lives of hunters.

Check out Hole in the Horn’s thoughtful advice to help get your apparel on point.

“Ready? Say it with me this time, ‘DEERGEAR.COM’. I’m just preparing you for what you’re going to say to the herds of people asking you where you got this jacket.  Good thing it’s water resistant, because folks will be droolin’ over this one.”


“Wow, you would actually look cool in this one!  This Big Game Snowcap Hoodie is one of the best looking hoodies I’ve seen in years, and trust me, I have been hanging around these parts for far too long.  Take it from a wise old buck, this sweatshirt is a winner.”

“You’ve been head-banging to that ZZ Top tune since the 80’s, but you have NEVER looked the part. With this performance pullover you would finally look like a ‘sharp-dressed man’.  Then I may even start head-banging with you!”

“Sick of people tellin’ you to get a haircut?  Try out this Trophy Buck Reversible Knit Hat, it’s the perfect beanie for going from the woods straight to a date. You won’t even have to stop home and change!”

“Oh, thank heavens!  There is a cure!  You can finally go straight from the couch to the store…without embarrassing yourself or your family.  Looks like your pajamas have just retired to an extra set of long johns …or kindling for the fire, if you ask me.”

“You may have a ‘smart’ phone but you look pretty dumb with that glove in your mouth while you use it.  So quit complaining about your little texting sausages being frozen and get these gloves.  These suckers are touch screen approved, so go on and keep your head buried in your phone, my friends would appreciate it.”

“Please get this watch so you can stop pretending to look at the clock on the wall when I know you’re just sneakin’ a peek at my rack.”

“I’ve been known to get a few gawkers staring at me.  If you ladies want to make your guy act like they just saw the buck of their dreams, this Atomic Fleece ¼ zip is a great place to start.”

“Wait… where’d that pretty lady go? Dang, I wish I wasn’t color blind!”

“Yep, this’ll do the trick.  The Highlander fleece pullover is the ticket to pulling your man’s eyes off that hunting show and turning him into that cute little snuggle bug you always wanted him to be.  Popcorn anyone?”

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Legendary Whitetails is the apparel brand that lets you celebrate the hunt, every day of the year.  Embodying more than just the passion for the hunt, Legendary Whitetails is about sharing a connection with other hunters.  It’s about reliving and remembering the feeling you had from the hunt, alone in nature or with family and friends.


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