Summer Scouting: Hotspots for Big Bucks

Ahh, sweet summertime – the time of year when monster bucks are best of friends and soybean fields are filled to no end.  It’s not too often that you can witness a plethora of daytime movement from young bucks and mature bucks alike, but summer is certainly one of those times.  If you know the right places to look during July and August, there’s no easier time of year to find your target buck for fall.  Check out this short video to find out what four summer hotspots you should be scouting right now.

I’d put July and August up against the month of November in terms of mature buck activity during daylight hours.  I know the November rut is crazy and exciting, but when it comes to understanding a pattern – the rut simply stinks.  Summertime is easily the best time of year to find and pattern a bruiser buck.  Best yet, if you spot him once, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll see him right back in the same spot the next day.

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