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He was the buck I told myself I was going to put an arrow thru this year when I discovered him on one of my trail cameras a week prior to this day.  I took a chance at trying to outsmart this buck by sitting on the edge of a tree line, hoping to intercept him as he headed to a CRP plot to bed for the day.  I got hunkered down in the tall grass & waited.  I heard footsteps of a single deer, then looked up & was amazed to see the buck I was after…only 25 yards from me…and walking closer!

This beautiful white-tail scored a whopping 182 2/8″ using Buck Country’s online scoring system.

At one point I thought he was staring right at me & I was busted, but he actually was looking past me to a doe in the CRP behind me.  He walked 7 yards to the opposite edge of the tree strip and I bleated to stop him…releasing my arrow to a broadside pass through shot!  I couldn’t believe how everything played out the way it did and I was successfully tagged out on the buck I was after!!  That was one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I’ve experienced…being face to face at full draw…looking into that big buck’s eyes, hearing him breathe and watching my arrow take that fatal path thru his chest!  I Love Bowhunting!!!

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