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Every year as summer comes to an end the boys from The Breaking Point TV  have one thing on their minds – “Nodak”.  For the past several hunting seasons Brennen and his fellow team members have found tremendous success killing mature whitetails in North Dakota.  This year would be no different.  Large ag fields, cattail ponds, and very little wooded area makes glassing deer easy, but getting within bow range difficult.  Knowing that whitetails are creatures of habit and slaves to their stomachs, the guys used the many miles of long gravel roads and the abundance of food to their advantage, and began locating and patterning deer that they wanted to pursue.

Giant North Dakota Public Land BuckTrail cam pic of the big 10-pointer shedding velvet.

The weather was less than ideal the first week of September and mature bucks just weren’t cooperating for the guys. After sitting out the first couple nights due to the lack of being able to find mature deer, the guys put plenty of miles on the vehicle searching for a good buck to hone in on.

Eventually, Brennen and the team found a promising piece of public ground and the sign looked great.  They walked in mid-day to scout and ended up hanging a camera over a corner of a bean field that was getting pounded by deer and within days they had picked up a beautiful 10 pointer.  The problem was, he was nocturnal and moving well after daylight.  That night the weather was right and the pressure was on the rise.  A massive drop in temperature was in the forecast for Sunday into Monday and they figured they’d have a shot at him now if ever.

Giant North Dakota Public Land BuckBrennen Nading from The Breaking Point TV finds early season success on a big mature 10 pointer.

Having the right wind for this spot, Brennen (hunter) and Joey (cameraman) slipped into the set of stands they had hung earlier and sat in anticipation.  Does and fawns filtered in and out of the cattails all afternoon and a couple even swung within bow range while feeding in the beans. Camera light was waning away quickly when Brennen caught a flash of white antlers.  The buck came around the corner and was working straight towards them down the edge of the beans.  The buck closed the distance fast and gave Brennen a mere 16 yard shot…and he made it count.  After a short track job, the boys were left one heck of a public land brute to kick off the 2016 deer season.

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