Monster Mule Deer

AJ Gall

I know we are all about Legendary Whitetails here, but this giant Colorado mule deer harvested by Brett Ross deserves the admiration of the entire hunting community.  This is honestly one of, if not the most beautiful set of antlers I’ve ever seen come out of the wild.  Even amidst all the trail cameras and shed hunters, this world-class muley remained a public land secret of the Western Slope.  That was until the opener of the 2014 Colorado mule deer season.

Do-it-yourselfer, Brett Ross, along with his friends and family headed to their annual camping spot up in the Western Slope for the Colorado deer season opener.  Like every year, this was a meat hunting mission, and cow elks were the target.  Brett was the one lucky member of the group who also possessed a mule deer tag.  Below you can hear the story from the down to Earth family themselves.

Colorado’s Deer – A goHunt Original Film

Officially scoring in at just over 292 inches, it’s not the biggest muley ever shot, but its beauty is unmatched.  For a non-typical, the symmetry is astonishing.  Congrats to you Mr. Ross on harvesting one of Colorado’s finest!

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