Hunting in the Rain

Most hunters will pack it up and call it a day once the rain starts to fall. Similarly, whitetail deer tend to move around as a storm approaches or after it passes. What if you decided to stay out and brave the elements?

Are there benefits to getting soaked while the other hunters are rushing to stay dry? Of course there are! Just think… you are probably one of the only hunters in the woods at this point, that monster buck that your buddy had on trail cam all year and didn’t see during hunting season might just wander by on his way back to his home range, he can’t smell you because rain helps to dissipate human odor, so he walks about 15 yards away and THWACK! You just got the trophy of a lifetime. Remember, this might not be the case for you, but there are definitely a few advantages to thinking twice before packing it up when you feel a few raindrops.

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