Guns Every Sportsman Should Have in their “Golf Bag”

AJ Gall

Let’s face it, guns are just like golf clubs – each one has their own purpose, own effective range, and require skill to use.  If there is one difference, it’s that you can never have enough guns!

If we were to relate hunting guns to golf clubs, here’s what every hunter’s gun safe should have.

Now if only a set of guns were as cheap as a set of clubs…

Guns to Golf Clubs Comparison

A golf bag for hunters

Driver – .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

It’s the right tool for a long range job as long as the operator is accurate.

3 Wood – .300/.270/30-06

This is your typical deer or big game rifle.  It’s versatile and powerful just like a 3 wood.

5 Wood – .243 Rifle

The .243 is a step down from your standard big game rifle, but it’ll do the job on a deer with a well placed shot. It carries a nice trajectory just like a 5 wood, but isn’t the biggest cartridge in the bag.

Hybrid – AR 15 (.223 Tactical Setup)

The technological advancements and recent surges in people wanting both AR style rifles and hybrid clubs makes this comparison a no-brainer. Not to mention, both are extremely versatile.   Whether you’re taking out coyotes, target practicing, or protecting your home, this is a sweet gun.

4 Iron – .44 Scout Rifle

Also known as a brush gun or cowboy gun, this is the perfect compact rifle for mid-range shots just like your 4 iron. Perfect for deer drives through the thickets or chunking one out of the rough.

5 Iron – Inline Muzzleloader

Over the past 10 years, muzzleloaders have advanced faster than just about any other gun.  More and more hunters are carrying them and using them as their sole hunting rifle due to better ammo, long range accuracy, and faster reload time.  Just like a 5 iron, it still carries some distance, but is probably best suited for mid-range shots.

6 Iron – .44 Revolver

The .44 has some serious stopping power for a pistol.  You got to be getting closer to the pin to unleash a bullet from this gun.  Whether you’re trekking through grizzly country or have it equipped with a scope for hunting, this gun will get the job done.  Hold on tight!

7 Iron – 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol

Most golfers are pretty comfortable with their 7 iron, and every hunter and non-hunter should be comfortable operating a 9mm hand gun.  It’s the perfect gun for any close range scenario and you should learn how to operate it with ease.

8 Iron – .22 Long Rifle

A tack driving .22 is a must-have gun for every arsenal.  Cheap and deadly accurate are a few traits of the .22, just like your 8 iron.  No wonder it’s the gun many hunters learn how to shoot with.

9 Iron – Over-Under Shotgun

A 12 gauge over-under is a beautiful gun.  Just like a 9 iron, it swings easy and often hits right where you were aiming.  It’s the perfect wing gun and tool for busting clays.

Utility/Pitching Wedge – Remington .870 (12 Gauge)

Use it for everything…when you’re in a bind, go for the .870. Use a shorter scatter gun for home defense, slap a rifled barrel on it for deer hunting, or launch your favorite bird shot load for just about everything else.  You’ll be using this gun a lot, just like your PW!

Putter – Bow and Arrow

We know it’s not a gun, but the bow and arrow fits the description of a putter to a tee.  It’s made for short distance and is tough to master, but once you get it down, the rewards are plentiful.

Let us know what you think of the list in the comments below. Would you switch anything up?  

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