Giant Whitetail: The Minnesota Moose

I have passed this buck the last two years because he was young and I also could tell he had a chance to be something special at 5 years old.

I have pics of him for the past three years and it was neat to see him grow. I am guessing that this year he added 30 inches or better!

Luke had trail cam pics the previous two years, but none during 2014. However, he knew he was still alive after seeing him several times throughout the year.

Anyway the story on how I got him…Well, I have been playing cat and mouse with him all season. I have moved stands a few time and it seemed like he would change his pattern every time. Recently we had picked half of a corn field and I noticed that does had been coming out into field almost every night. So on Thursday, October 23, 2014 when I was getting home from work at about 6:30 pm I saw a couple of does out feeding.  It was misting and really foggy out, but I could see there was a big bodied buck with them. The wind was not ideal, but not the worst either.

The mass and palmation of this buck’s antlers is incredible!

It was kind of a cross wind from the standing corn to where they were, but since I use a strict scent control regime, I knew if I sprayed down really good with scent away in addition to my washed clothes I could get there.  I would stop just short of the deer where the crosswind would not hit them. I stayed about 10 rows in the corn until I got to about where I had marked the deer. As I quietly snuck toward the outside rows I was about 3 rows from the end when I saw the buck feeding.  He had moved and the wind was blowing directly at him but he never even acted like he smelt a thing!  So I drew my bow and let it fly…he jump and looked around and then tipped over.

He is my best buck so far and is really cool because of the long history with him. I did a quick score on the buck and came up with 195 1/8.  Check out his unbelievable measurements on our Buck Country Page!

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