Giant Ohio Buck

For some reason, I was more excited for the 2013 bow season, than I had been for past seasons.  I was going to spend as much time in the woods this year as possible.  I asked my wife and boss to allow me to hunt as much as I could without getting divorced or fired.

Jason’s buck scored 189 2/8″ using the technology available through the Buck Country Page.  It officially gross scored 188 7/8″ by the Boone & Crockett Club.

A good friend of mine gave me permission to hunt his property in Columbiana County, Ohio.  The property is absolutely picturesque, with rolling hills covered in a mixture of woods, crops (soybeans and corn), and grassy fields.  I was excited to hunt there because of the large deer population and known “shooters” in the area.

Prior to opening day, I Iooked over the property and decided to hunt a nice hidden field not far-off of the beaten path.   I secured a stand and a permanent safety strap/carabineer for my harness to a wild cherry tree in the northwest corner of this hidden field where deer would be coming up from the draw.

I started my archery season on Sept. 29, the second day of the season.  I was in my stand almost daily.  Most of my relaxing evenings were filled with noisy chipmunks, squirrels, blue jays, and pileated woodpeckers.  I was visited almost every evening by wandering does, fawns, or immature bucks looking for a girlfriend.

Sunday, November 3 was my 17th day in the woods.  Only one morning hunt was in the mix, all others were evening sits.  This evening was very still.  Not even a leaf was moving in the woods.  Around 5:35 PM a doe with two fawns came out in the small field.  They grazed around a while and the doe started to get leery; she tucked her tail and walked away.  I have been in the woods long enough to know what that means…..a buck was not far behind!

Within a minute, I saw another deer walking toward a scrape that was about 35 yards from me.  At that time I could not tell if it was even a buck. The deer walked over to the scrape in the corner of the field, stretched out his neck and started licking the branch.  At that point I could see it was a buck, however, I could not see if it was a shooter.  The buck started walking toward me and the yearlings.

I raised the bow off my lap, turned, and drew back while still sitting. By the time the buck got within 18 yards, I knew he was a shooter.   I was focused on the shot and not looking at the size of his rack. I knew that I was within minutes of legal time, and trust me it was getting pretty dark.

As I focused on the vitals, I squeezed the trigger on my T-handle release and my arrow hit its mark. I felt confident in the shot.

He ran off in the same direction he came from.  After a few minutes, I got down and went to where I shot.  I found two thirds of my arrow with blood on it and a few feet away his blood trail.  At that point I walked back to my truck and sat for 45 minutes.  I called everyone that I could think of, not that I wanted to talk to them, but to kill time. If you are a hunter you know how long those 45 minutes feels like…HOURS!

After 45 minutes I walked down to the impact site and started following the blood trail. He backtracked on the same trail that he came in on.  I followed the blood about 80 yards and found a white belly staring at me.  As I walked up to the deer, I knew that he was big.  I was still in shock when I called a friend to tell him I shot a nice deer; he asked me how big the deer was. I was quick to answer with 140”-150” deer.

I told him I had to go; I had a lot of work to do.  As I knelt over him and closely examined his rack I almost cried.  I knew this deer was a lot larger than what I recently thought. After a full evening of show and tell, I took him home and hung him in the garage.  I wanted to sleep beside him with a gun to ensure no one stole him!  The next morning I took him to the taxidermist, and he was even impressed.  He measured the rack at 193 3/8” (gross) and aged him at 4 ½ years old.  He has 16 scorable points and his inside spread was 25 5/8”.

As you can see by the photos and the smile on my face, I had a great archery season! To be honest……I think my wife was glad to see my season come to an end.  I believe the novelty of my deer hunting was wearing-off.

God blessed me with a once in a lifetime buck!

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