Biggest Bucks of 2015

AJ Gall

Oh, what a year it was!  With 2015 coming to an end, we wanted to take a look back at the top bucks taken by Legendary Whitetail hunters all across America.  During the 2015 hunting season, records were broken and legends were born.  Trust us, you’re going to want to take a few moments to scroll through the Biggest and Best Bucks of 2015!

The Coffman Buck

Dan Coffman Buck | 2015 Giant Ohio Whitetail Buck

Hunter: Dan Coffman
Location: Fairfield County, Ohio
Score: Gross – 300+ inches (not confirmed)

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South Dakota Record Breaker

Austin Earley Buck | South Dakota State Record Non-typical Whitetail 2015

Photo Credit: South Dakota Hunting
Hunter: Austin Earley
Location: Brookings County, South Dakota
Score: Official – 241, new state record non-typical!

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Kentucky Velvet Booner

Giant Kentucky Buck

Hunter: Buddy Deville
Location: Meade County, Kentucky
Score: Gross – 202 6/8 – one of the biggest velvet bucks ever taken

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Brummer’s Booner Buck

Brummer Buck: Giant Kansas Buck

Photo Credit: Clayton Brummer
Hunter: Clayton Brummer
Location: Stafford County, Kansas
Score: Gross – 230+ inches

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Nicholas Bauman Buck

Nick Bauman Buck | Giant Wisconsin Buck 2015

Hunter: Nicholas Bauman
Location: Vernon County, Wisconsin
Score: Gross – 216 inches

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Jared Scheffler’s Public Land Booner

Jared Scheffler Buck | Giant Kansas Public Land Typical Buck 2015

Hunter: Jared Scheffler
Location: Kansas – Public Land
Score: Gross Score 197 7/8 (Scored after the 60 day drying period)

Click Here to read the story!  The full hunt will be in next seasons Whitetail Adrenaline DVD.

Austin Musselman Buck

Austin Musselman Buck | 2015 Giant Kentucky Whitetail Buck

Hunter: Austin Musselman
Location: Northern Kentucky
Score: Gross – 267 inches

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Kassera Buck – WI State Record Typical

John Kassera with his Wisconsin State Archery Typical Buck

Hunter: John Kassera
Location: La Crosse County, Wisconsin
Score: Net – 193 4/8 inches

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Allie’s Bluegrass Booner

Allie Butler Buck | 2015 Giant Kentucky Whitetail Buck

Photo Credit: Allie Butler
Hunter: Allie Butler
Location: Breckenridge County, Kentucky
Score: Gross – 187 inches

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Patrick Williams Monster Typical

Patrick Williams Buck: North Carolina Giant Buck 2015

Photo Credit: North Carolina Sportsman
Hunter: Patrick Williams
Location: Forsyth County, North Carolina
Score: Gross – 208 2/8 inches

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Lathrop’s Monster Iowa Buck

Chad Lathrop Buck | 2015 Giant Iowa Whitetail Buck

Photo Credit: Midwest Whitetail
Hunter: Chad Lathrop
Location: Monroe County, Iowa
Score: Gross – 200+ inches

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Patrick Rogerson’s Giant NY Buck

Patrick Rogerson Buck | Giant New York Buck 2015
Hunter: Patrick Rogerson
Location: Western New York

Score: Gross – 200 inches

Ryan Nikkel’s 190″ Typical

Ryan Nikkel Buck | Giant Kansas Typical Whitetail 2015

Hunter: Ryan Nikkel
Location: Kansas
Score: Gross – 190, Net – 186

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West Virginia Record Breaker (pending)

Nick Starkey Buck | West Virginia State Record Typical Buck 2015

Photo Credit: WV MetroNews
Hunter: Nick Starkey
Location: Upshur County, West Virginia
Score: Green – 191 2/8 inches

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Giant South Dakota 245-inch Non-Typical

Bob Schoenfish Buck | Giant South Dakota Non-typical Buck 2015

Photo Credit: South Dakota Hunting
Hunter: Bob Schoenfish
Location: Hutchinson County, South Dakota
Score: Rough Gross – 245 (potential new state record)

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Lane Brislawn’s Monster Iowa Buck

Lane Brislawn Buck | 2015 Giant Iowa Buck
Photo Credit: Midwest Whitetail
Hunter: Lane Brislawn
Location: Iowa

Score: Gross – 235 inches

Triple Drop-tine Deluxe

Mike Speaker Buck | 195 inch Pennsylvania Monster Whitetail 2015

Photo Credit: Field and Stream
Hunter: Mike Speaker
Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania
Score: Gross – 195 inches

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Indiana Impresses

Jody Marstellar Davies Buck | 2015 Giant Indiana Buck Shot with a bow

Photo Credit: Outdoor Life
Hunter: Jody Marsteller Davies
Location: Putnam County, Indiana
Score: Gross – 195 inches

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150-inches of Mass!

Tim Jurchak Buck | 2015 Massive Pennsylvania Buck

Photo Credit: QDMA Facebook Page
Hunter: Tim Jurchak
Location: Pennsylvania
Score: Gross – 150 inches

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Dustin Ward Buck

Dustin Ward Buck | Giant 196" Indiana Whitetail Buck

Hunter: Dustin Ward
Location: Indiana

Score: Gross – 196 2/8 inches

Jason Stiver Buck

Jason Stiver Buck | 2015 Giant Indiana Whitetail

Hunter: Jason Stiver
Location: Miami County, Indiana

Score: Gross – 229 3/8 non-typical, 198 5/8 typical

Wild Wisconsin Whitetail

Aaron Volk Buck | 2015 Giant Wisconsin Whitetail Buck

Hunter: Aaron Volk
Location: Juneau County, Wisconsin

Score: Big Enough!

Jim Hiles Buck

Jim Hiles Buck | 2015 Giant Ohio Whitetail Buck

Hunter: Jim Hiles
Location: Ohio

Score: Big Enough!

Giant Ohio Car-Killed Buck

Giant 24 Pt. Ohio Buck Killed by Car 2015

Hunter: Chevy Impala
Location: Ohio

Score: Massive 24 Point Buck

Monster from Mississippi

Luke Wilson Buck | Giant Mississippi Whitetail 2015

Photo Credit: Mississippi Sportsman
Hunter: Luke Wilson
Location: Pike County, Mississippi
Score: Gross – 189 2/8 inches

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Drury Kills a Giant

Mark Drury Buck | 2015 Giant Iowa Buck Kill

Photo Credit: Drury Outdoors
Hunter: Mark Drury
Location: Iowa
Score: Gross – 211 4/8 inches

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Minnesota Magnum

Ryan Weibel Buck | 2015 Giant Minnesota Whitetail Buck

Hunter: Ryan Weibel
Location: Brownsville, Minnesota

Score: Gross – 234 4/8 inches

Weber’s Wisconsin Giant

Ross Weber Buck | Giant Wisconsin 2015 Bow Kill Buck

Photo Credit: Ross Weber
Hunter: Ross Weber
Location: Washington County, Wisconsin
Score: Gross – 191 2/8 inches

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Potential Record POACHED

Giant Buck Poached in Louisiana 2015

Photo Credit: NOLA.Com
Hunter: Revoked by Wildlife Officials
Location: Simmesport, Louisiana
Score: Gross – 208 inches

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Micalah’s Monster Buck

Micalah Millard Buck | 2015 Giant Oklahoma Whitetail Buck

Photo Credit: Micalah Millard
Hunter: Micalah Millard
Location: Skiatook, Oklahoma
Score: Gross – 193 inches

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The Franzen Freak

Loren Franzen Buck | 2015 Giant Iowa Whitetail Buck

Hunter: Loren Franzen
Location: Fayette County, Iowa

Score: Gross – 224 inches

Minnesota Mega-Giant

Jeff Harrison Buck | 2015 Giant Minnesota Whitetail Buck

Hunter: Jeff Harrison
Location: Minnesota
Score: Gross – 207 inches

Missouri Magic

Joey Baker Buck | 2015 Monster Missouri Whitetail Buck

Photo Credit: Joey Baker
Hunter: Joey Baker
Location: Chariton County, Missouri
Score: Big enough!
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