Ambassador Spotlight: Krysten Potega

Every Friday, we’ll highlight one of our amazing Legendary Whitetails Ambassadors. Each has their own cool experiences and expertise in the outdoors world, and they want to share it with you! This week, the spotlight is on Krysten Potega, one of our ambassadors who loves to be both in the woods AND on the water. Check her out on Instagram to see more of her Legendary adventures. (For those wondering, here is the link to the shirt jacket Krysten’s wearing in the picture above!)

Krysten Potega

Legendary Whitetails: As a hunter, how do you like to use these winter months? Shed hunting? Scouting?

Krysten Potega: During the winter months I love to ice fish, shed hunt, and scout for the upcoming turkey season.

LW: Ice fishing is a totally different experience. What do you like or find challenging about ice fishing vs. fishing during the rest of the year?

KP: I would say the thing I like but also find extremely challenging about ice fishing is you can’t cover areas like you do on open water. In a boat on open water, you can use a fish finder and slowly move over areas to map them out. When you’re ice fishing you have to constantly move till you find a school of fish.

LW: What is your favorite way to cook the fish you catch?

KP: My favorite way to cook fish is batter them in cajun shore lunch and deep fry them! Although, I do love a good pan fried walleye!

LW: If you could only go on one hunt this year, which would you choose?

KP: If I could only go on one hunt this year, it would either be an elk hunt out west or a buck hunt up in Saskatchewan.

Krysten Potega

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LW: What one piece of advice would you give to young hunters/fishers?

KP: This is a tough question! But one piece of advice I’d give to a young hunters or anglers would be to not be afraid of asking for help from people with more experience. There are so many people that want you to succeed in the outdoors. I still learn so much from more experienced hunters and anglers.

LW: What’s your favorite fishing memory or story? A huge catch you didn’t expect, the first time you went with a certain group of people, etc.?

KP: I’ve had so many great memories in the outdoors, one that really sticks out was a few years back. My fiance, father-in-law and I went on the river for a short fishing trip. That day we caught a bucketful of whitebass, walleye, northern, and small mouths. Towards the end of the trip I set the hook and it felt like I snagged a log, until the log started moving. Go figure I ended up hooking into a sturgeon that took us on a nice long trip down the river, after about 20 minutes we were able to get it in, take the hooks out (it had multiple from other anglers) and snap a quick photo before it was released.

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