A Hunter’s Pet Peeves

AJ Gall

As a hunter, what drives you nuts?  Over the years, I can’t believe some of the stuff I’ve seen in the woods while hunting.  Apparently, nobody thinks alike and it’s proven with their actions.  Whether you hunt public land or private land, bucks or ducks, this list will give you something to laugh about, someone to point a finger at, and hopefully something to learn and discuss with your hunting friends.

The Pet Peeves of a Hunter

1 – Squirrels

I don’t know what I hate more, when they chatter at me, sound like a deer, or choose to play in “my” tree.

2 – Inconsiderate Hunters – are you blind?

There are plenty of things I don’t like about inconsiderate sportsmen, but the one that irks me the most is when another person comes and sets up in plain sight of me…I’m wearing BLAZE ORANGE, don’t tell me you couldn’t see me!

3 – The Chainsaw Neighbor

Seriously, on any given day one of the nearby landowners is always ripping away on a chainsaw, mowing their yard, or blowing leaves around.  So much for peace and quiet.

4 – Can you talk any louder?

This is another facet of an inconsiderate hunter, and usually, they happen to be one of your own hunting buddies.  Maybe it’s a result of never using ear protection, but c’mon man, learn to whisper.

5 – The Stick Stomper

Kids are notorious for this one, I know I was, but we’ll give them a break.  The real pet peeve comes in when it’s your buddy, cameraman or someone that’s a seasoned hunter.  Despite your efforts to tip-toe around the sticks, they sound like a size 24 big-foot walking through the woods.

6 – Afraid of the Dark

I can excuse some of those big woods and swamp hunters out there, but those in ag country should learn to face their fear of getting lost in the dark.  With field edges and tractor lanes everywhere, you should be able to sit until closing time.  There’s nothing I like more than a hunter coming from the thickets to bust a feeding field I’m sitting over with a full 30 minutes of shooting light left.  So much for prime time.

7 – Over Caller

This is probably happens more while turkey or duck hunting, but I’ve heard it a time or two from the tree stand as well.  It’s actually pretty comical at first, but becomes really frustrating quite quickly.

8 – It’s always a contest

I blame this one on social media.  A person is pictured with a harvest and immediately the one-uppers, naysayers, and criticizers come out.  Can’t we all just get along and congratulate them on their harvest.  Go away trolls!

9 – It’s my buck!

It’s never happened to anyone I know, but I still manage to hear far too many stories of two hunters fighting over a deer every year.  One hunter shoots the buck and another claims it.  Whether it crossed a property line or ran in front of another hunter after the initial shot, ‘deer-stealers’ seem to be more prevalent than one would think.

10 – Ticks

Hate them.  Once you find one, your entire body feels like it’s crawling with them, which is why I stick it to them little guys by wearing Elimitick Hunting Clothing.

11 – Mice in the stand

I’m glad strapping into the tree is always the first order of business, otherwise I may have had few falls by now.   Every year there’s at least one tree stand housing a few mice in the comfy fold up seat, and when I go to fold it down, they scare the dickens out of me.

12 – They will always pick your tree

Don’t you love how that random raccoon, porcupine, opossum, or squirrel will seamlessly wander through a forest of trees that look just like yours, only to stop at the base of yours and say, “Ahhh, yes, this is the one I’d like to climb.”

13 – Poison Ivy

This stuff is the devil and that’s all I have to say.

14 – Litter Bug

We love the outdoors, please don’t use it as your garbage can.  I hate, hate, HATE finding garbage from hunters!  Hand warmer wrappers, empty scent containers, water bottles, etc., etc. . .  If you take it with, it better make it back home!

15 – Stand-Sharer

Why would I hang my own when I can just use yours? Yes, this happens and is completely legal on public land, but extremely unethical.  If you can’t put in your own work to hang a stand or find your own spot to hunt, then you don’t belong in the woods.

16 – Trail Cam Tragedies

There are so many things that irk me when trail cameras malfunction or tease me.  Which is exactly why I dedicated an entire article to the most frustrating things about trail cameras.

17 – Did you take Hunter’s Safety?

Old timers are just as likely as the newbies.  Please respect your weapon and remember the rules of gun safety.  No one wants a loaded gun pointed in their direction, much less fired.

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