8 Steps to Complete Scent Control

Archery deer season is finally here, now don’t blow it before you even get started.  Every year I get questions about scent control and how I go about controlling my odors when I’m in the woods, so I’m here to tell you what I do.  Now let me be clear, this is my preference, I have no affiliation with any scent control brand, other systems may be just as worthy, but this is what I trust and thus is what I will share.  If you, your mom, or your wife is not willing to do laundry 3 or 4 times a week or you’re not willing to slim down to your skimpies on a snow covered logging road before and after every hunt, then maybe this system is not for you.

Scent reduction is vital for successfully hunting mature bucks.  The following actions will help reduce human AND other odors when you are in the field.

The System: Start to Finish

  1. Wash ALL of your hunting garments in a scent eliminating detergent. This is to be done in a separate washer just for hunting clothes if possible, otherwise be sure to run several rinse cycles through the washer to get rid of all that sweet lavender cloud scent your mother pours on your other clothes.  I prefer Dead Down Wind as the enzymes offer more scent reduction compared to products that rely on harsh bactericides.  Reason being is that there are many other sources of odor besides bacteria.

  2. Hang your clothing outside to air dry in an area free of non-natural odors. If you’re in a bind and need clothes dried fast, a dryer is okay to use.  Spray the inside down with a little scent eliminating field spray before putting your clothes in with a scent free dryer sheet.

  3. Store your clothing in a scent free environment. I use a carbon sealed bag stuffed into a sealed rubber tub.  The rubber container stays in my truck bed for most of the season.

  4. Shower with scent eliminating soap before each hunt. Use towels that have also been washed in scent eliminating detergent.

  5. Get dressed out in the field and undress before getting into the vehicle or going inside. I typically wear athletic shorts or sweats in the truck and change out before I walk in to my stand.  It can be a brisk strip down, but it’s one I believe is worth it.

  6. Wear boots that are only used for hunting and have been cleaned with Dead Down Wind boot powder in the inside and sprayed with field spray on the outside.

  7. Spray down with Dead Down Wind’s field spray when entering the field, especially the bottom of your boots. (Do not put any liquid/spray in boots!  This will likely cause mold/odor – use a powder to help remove any moisture in boots!)

  8. It’s critical to realize that using a field spray alone won’t reduce scent near as well as using the entire system described above.

It’s very important to remember that mature bucks obviously have some level of memory and will often avoid areas where they have experienced fear.  Limiting the chances of alerting mature bucks to a hunter’s (predator) presence is as critical to the success of this program as any other aspect.

I can personally attest that by following this system, along with hunting stands with the right winds you do not need expensive “scent eliminating” clothing.  During the fall of 2013 I filmed Dr. Grant Woods kill the oldest buck on his property – a 7 ½ year old that was never seen during daylight until that hunt.  With little to no wind at all, Split Brow as he was called, walked in under the stand and hadn’t a clue we were there.  Neither Grant or I had any type of scent eliminating clothing on, we just used the system.  Needless to say, it was a great hunt!

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