7 Tips For Photographing Whitetails

In the last blog we covered how Charlie Alsheimer has become and remained one of the top whitetail photographers of our time.  Now he shares 7 important tips for photographing whitetails.

1.  Photograph where hunting is not permitted.  Great places to do whitetail photography are in our National Parks and suburbs where deer are acclimated to humans.  Over 90% of the photos you see published are shot in such locations.

2.  Never think in terms of “taking photos”, think in terms of “making photos.”  Plan your photo set up to take advantage of the best early morning and late afternoon light.  Like hunting, the first and last two hours of the day are best.

3.  Composition can make or break a photo.  Study how successful photographers compose their photos.  Though tight photos are great think in terms of putting as much habitat as possible in the photos.

4.  Try to photograph the subject from ground level to the animal’s eye level.

5.  Buy the best possible camera and lenses you can afford.  Many of today’s digital cameras are capable of taking excellent photos at a very high ISO…the higher the ISO capability of the camera the better because if allows you to get great photos in very dim light.

6.  Subscribe to magazines like Outdoor Photographer as they are great sources for learning the craft of nature photography.

7.  Always focus on the animals eyes………their eyes are their souls.

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