5 Signs You’re the Biggest Bull “Shooter” at Deer Camp

AJ Gall

1.) You start to believe your own lies

You’ve told that crazy story of how you shot that giant buck with your pants around your ankles using the same gun with iron sights for 15 years running and now you actually believe that’s how it happened.  It might have started off as a joke, but it grew to legend status and now you’ve convinced yourself it really happened that way and you’d be willing to bet a case of beer on it.

2.) Your 160-inch buck is really 100-inches

Yeah, we get it, everybody tends to over exaggerate the size of a giant buck in the heat of the moment.  You come back to camp telling everybody you just shot Bullwinkle and start demonstrating the size of the buck with your arms and hands…of which apparently aren’t big enough.  “His rack was this high and this wide…” as you spread your arms as if you were carrying a refrigerator by yourself.

Later, you’re brought back down to earth as your hunting party heckles you with the old “must have been a lot of ground shrinkage” notion. Maybe you can blame it on shooting the wrong buck…

3.) You have to one-up every story told by other deer camp members

Deer camp is a time for storytelling, and in some awesome way, one story always triggers another one. Round and around the stories and laughter goes, unless you have a “one-upper” in the crowd.

If it’s you, you probably have no idea, but the others in camp tire of you pretty doggone quick after you tirelessly trump every one of their stories with a “better” more unbelievable story.

Here’s a word of advice, sit back and listen for a change.

4.) You always “see” or “hear” the most deer and biggest bucks

Typically, this fellow often speaks of deer, or more specifically, bucks they “saw” at first light, last light, or in the thick stuff.  Nobody wants to come back and tell others they were skunked, so they often say they didn’t get a good look at a deer out in the brush or they heard some chasing through the swamp, or one grunted before light.  You either have explanations like that, or you full out lie and double or triple the number of deer you actually saw.

5.) You’re nickname is Tall Tale Ted

Nicknames are a stable of most deer camps.  If yours happens to be something like Tall Tale Ted or B.S. Bob, you probably know why, and you likely embraced that character moniker as soon as you set foot in deer camp.

In the end, we still love you and you’re still invited to camp next year.  After all, the different personalities are what makes deer camp so much fun. Share in the fun and show us pictures of your deer camp by using the #DeerCamp!

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