10 Things that Drive Hunters Crazy

AJ Gall

1 – Running out of ammo

Deer hunters – you should have packed another clip or at least practiced your shot.  Bird hunters – you really thought you could hit your limit with one box of shells?

2 – Squirrels

Which do you hate worse, the ones that sound like a giant buck is coming at you, or the one that sits and barks five feet in front of your face?

3 – Crap, I forgot my (insert hunting gear here)

Bow release, binoculars, screw in bow holder, SD card, safety strap, license, flashlight, knife . . . the list goes on and on.

4 – Other Hunters

Enough said.

5 – Weathermen

“You told me it was supposed to be a WEST wind, you no-good, never-get-it-right, weather idiot!!”


You to your buddy: “I can’t wait to hunt this weekend! This giant front is going to have them big boys up and moving!”

Five days later. . . “Some front we had.  Dropped a whopping 4 degrees and not a single flake of snow.  The weatherman really nailed that one…”

6 – Playing Cat and Mouse

Or should we call it playing Hunter and Deer?  It sure as heck seems like whatever stand we’re not in is the one ol’ Mossy Horns walks right on by.

7 – Pfffffttt, stomp, stomp

Alright, you caught me.  Now why don’t you and your two fawns go on and get out of here – it’ll be best for the both of us.

It’s drives me nuts when a deer blows due to my presence, it drives me even crazier when they sit, stomp, and blow for 10 minutes while they try to figure out what the hell you are.

8 – Trail Cam Mishaps

No pictures, 10,000 pictures, stolen camera, forgot to turn it on . . . whatever it may be, a malfunctioning trail camera can put you in a frenzy. If this has ever happened to you, Trail Camera Tragedies is a MUST READ.

9 – When your wife calls

You in a whispering voice: “Hey honey.”

Them: “Why are you talking so quiet? And why are trash cans still on the road?”

You again: “I’m hunting, and I’m sorry, I’ll bring them up when I get home.”

Them: “Why would you answer your phone if you’re hunting? You’re going to scare them away.”

What you’re really thinking: Do you remember what you did to me the last time I purposely ignored your call while I was hunting????

What you actually say: “I love you and I’ll see you in a couple hours.”

Hopefully you at least had your phone on silent…

10 – Maybe next year you’ll be a nice 8 pointer

That moment when you pass up a little fork horn with the hopes of him making it through to next season.  Five minutes later he steps onto your neighbor’s land and . . . KAPOW!!

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