Venison Skewers

Great for summertime and cook outs… Submitted by Gretchen A.


– 1 lb. Venison Tenderloin (or backstraps)

– 1 lb. Bacon (med sliced is best, and maple flavored makes it taste great)

– Couple slices of Swiss cheese

– Toothpicks


Thinly slice the venison width wise (not length wise). Cut bacon in half (I only use half because the whole slice makes it too thick). Cut Swiss cheese into small squares, usually about the width of the venison. Wrap the Swiss cheese inside the venison, then wrap the bacon around the whole thing held together by toothpicks. When ready, cook on grill on med heat, we usually cook them til the ends of the toothpicks are burned. Make sure you flip the skewers at least once while on grill.

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