Venison Pin Wheels

DUDE THESE THINGS ROCK!!!!… Submitted by Steve B.


‘- Venison Roast

– Bacon

– Fresh spinach (finely chopped)

– Fresh garlic

– Fresh grated parmesan cheese

– Pine nuts (optional)

– Toothpicks


  1.  Take one of your roasts and cut it roughly into 1/2″ – 3/4″ thick slices. What you’re looking for when you do this is relatively nice sized pieces; season them the way you like.
  2.  Lay 2 – 3 pieces on plastic wrap and then cover them with another piece of the plastic wrap. Tenderize the meat real well (beat the crap out of it so it’s nice and tender). The plastic wrap stops the meat splatter if you know what I mean.
  3. Now, take the top piece of wrap off and with each piece you now want to take cooked bacon and cover each piece of venison evenly so all the venison is covered. Take “fresh spinach” and chop it finely (like small flakes) and spread the spinach evenly over each piece. If you’d like, which I can only assume, take minced “fresh garlic” and sprinkle it over each piece.
  4.  Take “fresh grated Parmesan Cheese” and of course…sprinkle the infield as well. The reason we use Parmesan is that it doesn’t run/make a mess when we cook these bad boys. Do you like Pine nuts? If so, (optional) this is where you would add them. We’re getting there…now make sure you have good toothpicks because these wheels will be big.
  5.  Take each piece of venison with all those goodies and roll them into logs. Once you roll these logs up, stick those toothpicks into them so they hold… What you will want to do now is place these logs into the freezer for roughly 20 minutes so they firm up.
  6.  Take them out of the freeze and with one of those SHARP blades, start cutting these logs into slices (Like Cinnamon Rolls) toothpick each one so they hold. Once this is done you should have a tray of beauty!!!
  7.   Place them back into the freezer for maybe 15 minutes…At this time, when those fellas are chill ‘en, start that grill, get a cast iron skillet, with the leftover bacon grease from the bacon you cooked you will use this when cooking these things. Get your skillet hot, when cooking these you will only have them in that skillet for 2-3 minutes max, you will see what I mean as you watch them cook…
  8.  Once cooked take them out of the pan and into the pie hole.
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