Venison Onion Stew

Quick and simple Crock Pot meal… Submitted by Patrick W.


– 1 lb. Venison steak / tenderloin

– 1 Large yellow onion

– 1 Can French Onion Soup

– 1 package of cornbread stuffing

– 1 Can of sliced mushrooms

– 1/2 Cup of butter (1 stick), melted


Spray Crock Pot with Pam (or off brand). Cut venison into 1/2″” thick pieces ( little bigger than bite size ). Place in bottom of Crock Pot, then slice up onion and separate into rings on top of venison in Crock Pot. Pour can of mushrooms on then the french onion soup. Place on low for 7-9 hours. When ready to eat mix stuffing, 1/4 cup of liquid from Crock Pot and (melted) butter together and evenly spread onto of venison and place Crock Pot on high for 15 more minutes.

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