Tenderloin Pinwheels

Ready for the grill and great finger food for the Ball games.These wont last long


– 1 venison tenderloin

– 1 12oz pkg of thick sliced bacon


– sea salt

– course black pepper

– ground garlic

– 1 large bottle of Zesty Italian dressing.


Take one clean tenderloin and try to layer cut so it can be rolled out flat. Once laid out flat, season with salt, pepper and garlic. Lay strips of bacon across the grain.Carefully roll as tight as possible then use toothpicks to hold it together spaced out about 1 in apart. Cut into the steaks between the toothpicks, and season the outside just like you did the inside. Lay your pinwheels flat in a pan, and pour the Zesty Italian dressing over them. Marinate for a couple of hours if possible. Cook over a hot grill for just a few minutes on each side. Don’t overcook .

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