Sweet Heat Backstrap

This recipe takes the medallions of a backstrap and hits all the varieties of taste you are looking for. Very well balanced main course… Submitted by Lance H.


– Backstrap sliced into 1/4″” medallions

– Pineapple slices in juice(not syrup)

– Jalapeno slices(jar is fine)

– Bacon


Turn grill onto low.

Depending on how many you are feeding…..12 slices of backstrap in a bowl and marinate for 24-48 hrs in the pineapple juice in refrigerator.

Once removed, slice the pineapple slices and bacon in half. You also want the sliced jalapenos ready as well. You will need 12 toothpicks as well.

1. Take a piece of backstrap and add a slice or two of jalapeno on top.

2. Add a half slice of pineapple on top of jalapenos.

3. Take a half slice of bacon and wrap around above.

4. Stick a toothpick through each ingredient, making sure everything stays together.

After completing wrapping all the medallions, place on the grill and cook slow. Keep an eye on these due to the bacon will cause the fire to flare and we do not want to overcook. You will need to turn these often, keeping the meat side down the longest to cook the backstap, due to other side cooking in the flavors. Still, do not over cook because we do not want a tough piece of meat when done. Once grilled on all sides, and you are comfortable with the temperature of the meat, remove and pull the toothpicks out. Serve with any side or alone. Enjoy and remember to share…””

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