Stuffed Venison Backstrap

SIMPLE to MAKE.  The best use of backstrap I have ever created.  My wife says it is like eating a bacon wrapped filet, only BETTER. I usually make 2 of these at a time.  Makes great leftovers…


10 inch piece venison backstrap

1/2 lb. favorite sausage

1/2 cup favorite salsa

6 strips bacon

pepper to taste

(NO need to add salt)


Mix salsa and sausage together. Butterfly backstrap (like you would slice a submarine bun). Lay out 6 strips of bacon flat. Place backstrap on bacon.  Put salsa/sausage mixture on one side of backstrap.  Fold backstrap together. Wrap bacon strips around backstrap and pin with toothpicks. Pepper bacon to taste.  Place in frying pan on medium heat and brown bacon on both sides. Cover and simmer on low heat 35-40 minutes, turning after 20 minutes. Remove from pan to cool, then slice between each bacon strip. Thicken juices in pan with a tablespoon of flour. Place sliced backstrap on serving tray, pour thickened sauce over them, serve and enjoy.

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