Spicy Venison Steak Strips

A spicy twist on venison back straps or steaks. Very tender and just enough spice to blend with the sweetness. Served best with steamed rice or by itself… Submitted by Mark S.


– 8 (12 oz.) venison steaks cut into very thin strips

– 2 Tbsp. Light or dark Soy Sauce

– 2 Tbsp. Cream Sherry

– 2 tsp. brown sugar

– 1 Large sweet onion-sliced thin

– 1 Cup carrot matchsticks

– 1 Cup sliced mushrooms

– 1 small piece of ginger root grated

– 2-3 red chillis fresh or dried cut up or chopped

– 2 Cups steamed rice


1. Slice the venison into thin strips about 1/4″” wide or shreds

2. Mix soy sauce, sherry & brown sugar- Marinate sliced meat in mixture at least 2 hours

3. Cook sliced onions in small about of olive oil until tender- remove and set aside

4. Cook matchstick carrots in olive oil until tender- remove and set aside

5. Cook Steak with marinade until desired doneness, medium is best

6. When steak is done add cooked onions, carrots, mushrooms, grated ginger and red chillis stir well and cook until mushrooms are done.

7. Steam rice and serve spicy steak with rice

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