Marinated Venison Roast

Cook times may vary depending on your slow cooker…..If need that extra kick, Hot sauce can be added……….It’ll turn out so tender, y’all will need your fingers to eat and enjoy it…

Submitted by  – Rhoda E.


– Deer roast

– salt

– pepper

– brown sugar

– BBQ flakes

– Kansas City steak seasoning

– Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce

– Famous Dave’s steak burger seasoning

– garlic

– mustard

– ketchup

– steak sauce


  1. Put in a bowl and add the following:
    •  pinches of salt
    • 2 pinches of pepper
    • 3 pinches of BBQ flakes
    • 5 pinches of Kansas City Steak seasoning
    • a smidge of garlic and a smidge of mustard’ shot of ketchup
    • 1 bottle of steak sauce and 1/2 bottle of Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce
    • 2 pinches of Famous Dave’s steak burger seasoning
    • 3 pinches of brown sugar
  2. Mix all in a bowl and Marinate is done
  3. Take deer roast, cut small slits in it and then place in a gallon zip-lock bag and pour in marinate. Massage roast to infuse marinate in slits then place in fridge for 24 hrs. Every few hours, go to fridge and massage roast..
  4. After 24 hrs are up, place roast and marinate in slow cooker on low and cook for 10-12 hrs and every hour or so, baste roast with marinate in cooker…
  5. Deer roast is done….Use tongs, spoons and fork to remove from cooker. You’ll need those utensils cause roast will be that tender…Place on dinner plate and ENJOY..
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