Kitchen Sink Venison Chili

This makes a good-sized batch of delicious chili and it can be adapted to whatever wild game you have available. It takes a little prep time but everyone that has tried it says it is worth it. Even some that don’t usually eat wild game…

Submitted by Kirk H.


– 3 pounds hot venison sausage

– 2 pounds cubed venison stew meat (Any combination of ground and cubed wild game can work)

– Extra virgin olive oil

– 2 jalapeno peppers chopped and seeded

– 2 pablano peppers, charred, skin removed, chopped and seeded

– Large sweet onion, chopped

– 1 bulb garlic, chopped small

– 2 dried ancho or red chilies, seeded

– 5 tablespoons chili powder

– 1 ounce dark chocolate, chopped small

– 2 tablespoons cumin

– 1 tablespoon fresh ground black pepper

– 1 tablespoon adobo sauce (If you like a really hot chili you can include some of the chopped adobo peppers as well)

– 1 tablespoon beef base

– 1 bottle medium bodied beer

– 2 cans fire roasted diced tomatoes

– 2 cans black beans


Brown meat in olive oil, drain. I prefer to use more than 1 pan to brown the meat since this recipe makes a very full Crock Pot. Add all peppers, onion, garlic and spices and saute’ 15 minutes or until onion is translucent. Mix beef base in a little beer and add to mixture. Simmer about 45 minutes. Stir in beans and tomatoes. Place in Crock Pot and cook on high for about 2 hours or 4 to 8 hours on low until thickened and heated through.

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