Homestyle Meat & Gravy

Could this possibly get any easier? All it boils down to being is good, old, down-home “Slap yo’ mama-GOOD” southern meat & gravy.


– Venison cut into steak thicknesses

– Seasoned flour

– Vegetable oil

– Onion

– Water

– Milk (optional)


Slice venison into steaks & cube/tenderize. Pour a decent amount of oil in fry pan — can add more if it is not enough (Remember–we need enough to make that good old gravy!) Pour a generous amount of seasoned flour into a pan and dredge each “steak.” Heat oil and gently begin to lay each piece of meat into pan. Fry a few minutes on 1st side and turn. Fry until desired brown and/or crispness is obtained, being careful not to burn. Remove from pan and lay on plate lined with paper towels to absorb oil. There should be ample oil left in pan. Drop about 2 T. seasoned flour in and stir a roux forms (add more oil, if needed now). Stir in a cup or so of water and stir until a nice  gravy starts to form. At this time, you either keep adding water until you get the consistency of gravy you want -OR- you start adding milk for a whiter gravy  All you have to do now is get those biscuits out the oven and enjoy!

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