Hickory Smoked Venison Tenderloin

I used this recipe to convert my Mom to eating venison. She was very apprehensive until she took a bite you should have seen the look on her face when she took the first bite, then a second, then a third…It was all over after that… Submitted by Kevin K.


– 1 Venison tenderloin

– 1 Cup Pork rub

– 1/2 lb. hickory smoked bacon


Pre-cook bacon (al dente)

Rub tenderloin with pork rub

Wrap tenderloin with strips of pre-cooked bacon

Wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate over night

Pre-heat smoker to 250 degrees

Use a handful of hickory wood chips (Do not over smoke 45 minutes max)

Remove plastic wrap and place in smoker

Keep temp as close to 250 degrees as possible

Cook to min internal temp 160 degrees max temp 180 degrees

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