Grilled Tequila Lime Trout

Trout grilled with spices, lime and tequila in a foil packet… Submitted by Michael C.


– Fresh trout (gutted with head removed, or fillets)

– One hundred percent agave tequila

– Key lime

– Red onion

– Butter

– Chili powder

– Cayenne pepper


Place trout in the center of an aluminum foil sheet (approx. 16″” long depending upon the size of the fish)

Cut Key Lime in half lengthwise, then cut 1/8″” slices from one of the halves, arrange on top of fillets or in the body cavity if using whole trout (this applies to all other steps as well.)

Repeat this step with the red onion.

Place a few small pats of butter in or on the trout, sprinkle a shot of agave tequila evenly over the flesh side of the fish, add chili powder and cayennene pepper tho taste.

Wrap foil packets tightly so that they don’t leak and place on grill at medium/high heat for ten to fifteen minutes depending upon the size of the fish.

Flip once halfway through cooking time.

This recipe works equally well in the oven using a glass baking dish at 425 degrees F.

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