Coffee-Rubbed Smoked Venison

This recipe usually makes enough rub for about 5 pounds of meat. You can adjust the amounts to taste or as needed. It doubles and triples well, a great recipe for a large crowd. Works well with other wild game also.

NOTE: You will need a smoker for this recipe, charcoal or electric. You can try a smoker box for a conventional over if you want, I myself, have not tried it though. — ENJOY!…

Submitted by Holly F.


– Venison Tenderloin

– Mustard

– Bacon

Coffee Spice Rub:

– 2 Tbsp paprika

– 2 Tbsp garlic powder

– 2 Tbsp onion powder

– 2 Tbsp black pepper

– 2 Tbsp brown sugar

– 2 Tbsp ground coffee or espresso

– 2 Tbsp kosher salt

– 1 Tbsp mustard powder

– 1 Tbsp white pepper

– 1 Tbsp chili powder

– 1 tsp cayenne pepper, or more if desired


Take the tenderloin and cover the entire piece of meat with yellow mustard. Make sure to generously cover the whole loin, as the mustard gives the meat flavor. Then cover surface of the meat with the Coffee Spice Rub. With the bacon slices make a lattice like pattern and drape over the meat. You want to make sure you have enough bacon to seal the entire loin. This will be a key factor in keeping your loin moist. (You can do all this in advance, I tend to prep the meat the night before.) Now get your smoker up to at least 220 degrees Fahrenheit before you put your loin in. You can also partially wrap the meat in tin foil if you are worried of making a mess or of it burning. Then cook to desired temperature. I tend to cook mine more towards medium/medium well. However this is probably a recipe you do not want to try as rare, it being covered in bacon. You can also finish your loin in the oven if your smoker isn’t getting up to heat fast enough for you, or if you want a mild smokey flavor. This recipe is rather versatile, it’s just not one you want to take on if you’re limited for time. Smoking meat is all about cooking low and slow.

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