Chicken Fried Deer Steak

The best deer meat recipe is definitely chicken fried deer steak!  It has been a tradition in my family forever.  It is so simple and yet so wonderfully good!  Basically you get a good batter of egg, milk, and flour and fry up the steaks…

Submitted by Lawrence B.


– Flour

– Eggs

– Milk

– Lawry’s

– Deer steak (Back strap is the best)

– Vegetable oil


First you get two pie pans.  Put flour in one and beat 2 eggs and some milk in another.  Then you take the deer meat and cover it with the egg/milk mix then cover it with the flour.  Repeat once.  You want to make sure to get a good thick batter.  Then when the oil is hot in the frying pan you put the covered deer meat in it.  Sprinkle a little lawry’s on top and let cook until brown on the bottom.  Flip and let cook completely.  Then it’s done.  It goes great with mash potatoes and corn.  My mom usually makes water gravy after cooking the deer steak and that goes great over the top too.

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