Blue Ribbon Backstrap

This is my family’s favorite meal.  Hopefully your tenderloin or “Back Strap” has been shot, cleaned and cured properly.  Good flavor is worth the extra work involved.



– Venison Tenderloins/Backstrap

– Garlic Cloves

– Vegetable Oil

– Flour

– Eggs

– Milk

– Italian flavored Bread Crumbs


Cut your tenderloin into ½ inch slices.

Marinade in any steak marinade, like this one!

Heat up vegetable oil about 2 inches deep in a large frying pan.  When fairly hot, add cloves of garlic (a lot!),  to flavor the oil.

Remove the cloves from the oil when very brown, but not burnt.  Set them aside and use them for garnish.

Flower and dip your back strap into a mixture of milk and eggs.  Then dip in Italian flavored bread crumbs.

Place your breaded back strap strips into the hot vegetable oil that you browned the garlic in.

Cook to golden brown and turn over and cook to a golden brown on the other side too.  When nicely browned on both sides, drain on paper towels.

Place them on a serving dish and sprinkle with Mrs. Dash, garlic salt and black pepper.

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