BBQ Venison Round Steak in Crock Pot

Quick 15 minute prep time, then let the Crock Pot do the rest… Submitted by Shannon L.


– 2-4 venison round steaks

– 3-4 bottles of BBQ Sauce

– Fresh or canned jalapeno

– Garlic

– Pepper

– Onion

– Hamburger buns


Trim fat from round steaks, cutout bone if you want.

Put into crock pot add BBQ sauce until meat is covered.

Add jalapeno and onion if desired. Add garlic, pepper and other seasonings as desired.

Cook until meat falls apart around 6-8 hours. Add more BBQ sauce as it cooks down to cover meat. You can drain off or spoon out extra fat that cooks up if you need to.

Once done toast hamburger buns and add as chopped venison sandwich.

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