Awesome Wild Turkey

With this recipe, nobody EVER believes that it is WILD TURKEY! It is so tender, tasty & melts in your mouth. And if you don’t turkey hunt, not a problem, this recipe can be used with store bought turkey breast also. There will be a nice gravy from cooking to enjoy over mashed potatoes… Submitted by Heather D.


– 1 turkey breast roughly 3-4 lbs.

– Olive oil or butter (for pan frying)

– 2-3 chicken bouillon cubes

– 2 Tbsp. garlic

– 2 Tbsp. onion powder

– 1/4 Cup flour

– Milk (enough to cover the turkey breast in the pan)


Heat oil or butter in a pan. Add turkey breast, along with garlic and onion powder. Cook uncovered on medium until lightly brown, turn over & cook on the other side until lightly brown.

Add flour to turkey & stir around in pan. Add milk and chicken bouillon to pan. Cover and turn heat DOWN to low. Keep covered and cook for 2 hours. Then ENJOY!

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