12 Gauge Venison Meatball Sub

These bacon wrapped stuff meatballs are hand loaded to perfection!


‘-1 lb. ground venison
-1 egg
-8 slices of bacon
-1/2 c Pepper jack cheese (cubed)
-1/4 c Green pepper
-1 1/2 c Marinara sauce
-4 Hoagie buns


1. In a large mixing bowl mix the ground venison with the egg and season to taste.
2. Shape meatballs with your hands and place in a non-stick glass baking dish.
3. Wrap each meatball with a strip of bacon.
4. Once meatballs are wrapped, form a hole in the center by pressing the meatball sides outward with your fingers. Don’t push hole completely through.
5. Fill the hole in the meatball with chunks of pepper jack cheese and diced green peppers.
6. Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes or until bacon is done on the outside.
7. Spread marinara sauce onto one side of the hoagie bun, place meatballs on bun, and cover the stuffed meatballs with more marinara sauce. Enjoy!

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