What’s the Best Truck for a Hunter?

AJ Gall

What do Broadheads, Women, and Trucks all have in common?

They all have the unique ability to cause a feud between fully grown men!  You’ve got the “mechanical vs. fixed” blade argument with broadheads, the “….” never mind, as I’m recently engaged, I’ll leave the women argument alone, for now… And lastly, we have the “my __________ (insert your truck brand here) is better than your __________ (insert their truck brand here)” argument.

Needless to say, those three subjects are no strangers to barstool debates across the country.  With that said, I already have a preferred choice of broadhead that I shoot, I have a great woman that I’ll be marrying soon, but what I don’t have is a new truck.  In fact, I’ve got one that’s been my best friend for a longgggg time, and it’s time for her to retire, which is why I want to know, what truck should I buy to best suit my needs as an avid outdoorsman?

Since I know the Legendary Whitetails Community knows their trucks, and lives an active outdoor lifestyle themselves, I’m asking for your help in my pursuit of a new best friend.  I’m no gear head, but I’ve done a little internet scouting on most of the major truck brands, and this is what I’ve found in terms of a quality truck for an avid outdoorsman.

*Keynotes – I love travelling across the U.S. chasing whitetails; hauling a trailer is a must; it’s gotta be full size, sometimes trails get ugly; oh and I’m a pickup man, so leave those SUVs and pickup wannabees out of this discussion (yes, that’s you Honda Ridgeline).

Ram Rebel

The new Ram Rebel is certainly a contender.  Along with its bold new look, the Rebel is modified for the outdoorsman.

Ram RebelImage: ©FCA US LLC

Here are some Pro-Exploring features:

♦  4×4 with a Locking rear differential

♦  Factory lift of up to 2” with the air suspension

♦  Skid Plates

♦  Oversized 33” all terrain tires and fender flares

♦  Ram Box for storing fishing rods and guns

♦  Tow hooks and towing package

♦  5.7 L Hemi Engine, 10,650 lbs. towing capacity

Chevy Silverado Z71

The all-American Chevy Silverado Z71 is a sharp looking truck for any outdoorsman.  It has a classic design and with the right add-ons I can see this truck getting the job done just fine.

Chevy Silverado Z71Photo: ©2015 General Motors

Here are some Pro-Exploring features:

♦  4×4 with auto locking rear differential

♦  Skid Plates

♦  Hill descent control

♦  5.3L V8 EcoTec, 11,200 lbs. towing capacity

♦  Ranchero shocks

♦  Soft fall tailgate, bumper steps

♦  Tow hooks and towing package

Ram Outdoorsmen

The Outdoorsman has some appeal based off its name alone, but does it have the features to back it up?  Basically, it’s a slightly upgraded Ram 1500, but not quite as many off road features as the Rebel.

Ram OutdoorsmanImage: FCA US LLC

Here are some Pro-Exploring features:

♦  4×4 – no locking rear differential

♦  Front suspension skid plate

♦  Ram Box storage and additional interior storage compartments

♦  Tow hooks and towing package

♦  Mud and snow tire

♦  3.0 L V6 EcoDiesel – 29 MPG

Ford FX4

Rounding out the Big 3 is the Ford F150 FX4.  I always see a pile of these trucks loaded up and headed north for a weekend of playing outdoors and there must be a good reason for it.

Ford FX4Photo: ©2015 Ford Motor Company

Here are some Pro-Exploring features:

♦  4×4 with an electronically locking rear differential

♦  360 degree camera

♦  Skid plates

♦  5.0L V8, 11,100 lbs. towing capacity

♦  Tow hooks and towing package

Toyota TRD Pro

The Toyota TRD Pro appears to have some serious off-roading capabilities making it an intriguing option for even an American truck lover.

Toyota TRD ProImage: ©2015 Toyota Motor Sales

Here are some Pro-Exploring features:

♦  4×4, but no rear locking differential

♦  Great ground clearance

♦  Tow hooks and tow package

♦  Skid plates

♦  BF Goodwrench All Terrain tires

♦  TRD Gas Shocks

Nissan Titan

Nissans full size truck is about to get one heck of a makeover including adding a Cummins diesel to its half ton body, but for now it’s about as basic as a new truck can come.

Nissan titan Pro4x

Here are some Pro-Exploring Features:

♦  4×4 with locking rear differential

♦  Off road shocks

♦  Underbody skid plates

♦  Simple and small

That basically sums up my quick little internet research, now it’s off to test drive them!  Based on my initial findings, I’m leaning towards one of the top 4.  I know that doesn’t narrow it down much, which is why I need your input!  I can read all the positive and negative reviews online that I want, but that doesn’t give me any insight as to how it will perform in the day to day tasks associated with living an outdoor lifestyle.  I plan on running this next baby into the ground, so I need something that will be long lasting on and off the road.

To all of those truck owners in the Legendary Whitetails Community – What truck should is the best?

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