The Loss of Whitetail Legend, Charlie Alsheimer

AJ Gall

The cover photo above is Charlie with his most recent buck he harvested on December 14, 2017

It is with deep sadness that we share news of the sudden passing of an icon in the whitetail world, Charlie Alsheimer. Charlie’s incredible whitetail photographs and knowledge have graced the covers and text of hunting magazines for many years, and his expertise will be sorely missed.

It was while fighting for our freedom in Vietnam that Charlie fell in love with photographing nature. When he began his pursuit of whitetails through a lens, camouflage had yet to be invented. The only pattern out there at the time was the old-school military camo, and there were only five or six outdoor magazines. Oh, how far we’ve come. Of these publications, only one specifically covered whitetails – Deer & Deer Hunting – where Charlie later served as the field editor for 38 years. Over that time, Charlie’s work has been displayed on over 600 magazine covers and thousands of articles – a truly remarkable feat.

Charlie Alsheimer Deer and Deer Hunting Cover Photo

While he loved telling stories of his western adventures photographing charged-up elk during the rut, Charlie’s favorite subject, both as a photographer and writer, was the white-tailed deer. As you well know, he was a recognized expert on deer behavior and collaborated on groundbreaking research regarding the moon’s impact on whitetail breeding patterns. Yes, he was the man leading the charge behind the annual Rut Predictions based on the “rutting moon”. Whether you believe in it or not, it always led to some fun conversations at deer camp.

Charlie Alsheimer with his son and his big buckCharlie with his son, Aaron, after a successful hunt.

While many of us knew and respected him for his work as a photographer and whitetail expert, above all, Charlie was a man of profound faith. He credited God for all he accomplished and was eager to share Christ’s impact on his life with everyone he met.

Thank you, Charlie. Rest easy our friend, you will be missed by many.

Although Charlie may have passed, his work will live on forever. Below are just a few of our favorite articles and photographs highlighting just how special of a person Charlie truly was to the whitetail world.

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