The Best Hunting Dog Names

AJ Gall

Finding the perfect name for your hunting dog takes time, observation, and serious thought.  A hunting dog is special and truly becomes a man’s best friend, so give them a name they are proud to represent.  It should be a name that evokes the conviction of its duties, one that you are proud to call out in public.  This is no time to let your three-year-old daughter name them for their spots (save that for your kitties), this is a time to think deep. Trust me, you’ll know the instant a murmured name strikes gold.

Give your hunting dog a name that relates to their breed, their abilities, or their purpose.  These dogs love the outdoors.  Whether it be a shed hunting dog, a duck hunting dog, a pointer, a flusher, or a tracker you can find the perfect name for your hunting dog below.

During your search, here are a few important thoughts to consider:

  • True hunting dogs are often named after their parents or grandparents in order to keep the family lineages intact for breeders.  Those are often longer names and thus, owners usually supply a unique nickname to call the dog by on a daily basis, while still retaining its true name on the records.  Below is a worthy list of hunting dog nick-names.
  • One or two syllable names have been shown to have the best response rate when called.  The best way to tell if a name feels right is to yell it out loud.  Also, avoid giving your dog a name that sounds similar to any type of command (Ex. “Neil” can be confused with “heal”).  Now it’s time to begin your search!

70 of the Best Hunting Dog Names

Aldo Jackson
Ammo Kodiak(Kody)
Aspen Kona
Bear Kujo
Belle Legend
Benelli Magnum
Bentley Marlin
Blaze Maverick
Bolt Maya
Boone Moose
Booner Muzzy
Brooke Nahla
Buck Nosler
Bullet Oakley
Caliber Rambo
Camo Ranger
Capone Remington
Chief Rio
Chugach Rocky
Cooper Ruger
Crockett Rya
Daisy Sage
Dakota(Kota) Savannah
Darton Scout
Denali Shiloh
Diesel Shooter
Drake Simba
Farley Steel
Finley Tank
Gauge Tessa
Gunner Thatch
Hemi Trekker
Hoss Trigger
Hoyt Walker
Hunter Zeus

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