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As 2016 has come to an end, all of us at Legendary Whitetails would like to take a look back on our favorite customer photos shared with us over the year! A BIG thanks to every single one of our Legendary Customers. We hope 2017 is filled with more monster bucks, trips to deer camp, and Legendary outdoor adventures!  Be sure to use the hashtag #LegendaryWhitetails any time you’re out reppin your favorite brand!

Best Customer Photos of 2016

@sincerelyashley719 wearing the Quilted Puffer Vest says:

“Gopro shenanigans during our Christmas card shoot in our backyard ???????????????? #iamlegendary #getoutside #flannelfest”


We love this photo for it’s unique angle and composition.  The setting is awesome, along with the sunset and the fish-eye look from the gopro actually works for this photo.

@Akrafty00 wearing the HuntGuard Reflextec Jacket says:

“No tag soup this year! Spent countless hours in the stand this season with nominal big buck sightings and witnessing very little rut activity . Kept grinding and it paid off. #legendarywhitetails #mathewsarchery #ragebroadheads #carbonexpressarrows #ripcord #hha #nockturnal #leupold”


It’s no secret that we love big bucks here at Legendary Whitetails.  This is a great buck and a pretty cool shot with the hills in the background.  Not sure, but this might have been the first buck ever harvested in our new HuntGuard Jacket!

@Maddy Staszewski wearing the Ladies Gravel Road Workwear Jacket says:

“Mör Mör’s farm in New York – euphoria // #LegendaryWhitetails #winchester22”


This photo captures the stunning tranquility we as hunters often find in nature. The blurred leaves in the foreground give this photo a bit of a “secret look” in on a patient hunter.

@sararuserious wearing the Full Range Big Game Workout Capris says:

“#coloRADo #legendarywhitetails #goco #hikecos #deergear”


What a stunning landscape! This hero shot truly looks like she is on top of the world.

@shanyn.hart wearing the Quilted Puffer Vest says:

“When the cold fronts move in, more @stealthcamgsm go out. A lot of new bucks on camera. This rut is going to get crazy y’all! Still need to get Frankie down before it heats up but I need the right wind.”


This photo captures the essence of a whitetail hunter working hard every day.

@Savannapatenaude wearing the Ladies Anchorage Parka says:

“Off to a good start here in Maine. We had a few white outs, but this @deergear parka has helped me brave the storms. #legendarywhitetails”


Something about the blown out background just makes this photo epic!

@ajhunt33 wearing a Legendary Hoodie says:

“Putting the cap on a good nights catch! #builtforthewild #legendarywhitetails”


What can we say, this photo has it all!  Lines in the water, stunning sunset, and beers in the air…awesome!

@madilynn_collins wearing the Quilted Puffer Vest says:

“Staying warm and comfy in my favorite vest from @deergear”


The big snowflakes falling against an old wooden barn just makes this photo seem like a winter wonderland.

@hunt_wi with a lucky Little Legendary shed hunter says:

“Shed Rally 2016 #iamlegendary #legendarywhitetails”


Kids always put a smile on our face, especially when they are outdoors and holding a giant shed antler!

@beauhelin14 toting his Legendary Knife says:

“New knife hasn’t seen a hide yet, hoping tonight will be the night #swampdonkey #legendary #stringstalker”


The three C’s put this photo among our favorites of 2016 – color, composition, and contrast. A pretty neat view from what looks to be an old deer blind.

DAB whose son is wearing the Big Game Camo Matrix Swim Shorts says:

“Mothers day weekend and my boys wore the swim trunks I bought for them. Lookin good! We love DeerGear!!”


A tackle box, cooler, and some fishing poles, now this is how we prefer to spend time on the beach!

@emma_desvergnes wearing the Big Game Camo Oasis Reversible Bikini says:

“Ready to go back”


Overlooking the ocean blue and tropical hillside has got us wishing we were there too.

Lacey M. wearing Legendary Activewear poses in front of an awesome waterfall.


Who can argue with an awesome waterfall?  They make every picture better and bring about daydreams of exploring the great outdoors.

Eric W. is looking Legendary while surfing a giant wave wearing his God’s Country Camo Lakeside Swim Shorts.


Woah, that’s wicked!  Not sure if he’s falling or not, but regardless it’s a pretty sweet photo.

@Jeremyrayb1 wearing the Big Game Camo Snowcap Performance Hoodie says:

“#Camo in #timessquare #nyc ? Who does that? Apparently no one!!! Representing my favorite color and brand. #legendarywhitetails @deergear . #Tennessee to #NewYork”


His caption says it all . . . Camo in Time Square?  Who does that?? Haha, well done! Way to represent in the concrete jungle.

@stephhgirl wearing their Legendary Workwear Jackets says:

“She left her heart little. She left her heart childish. And for her, every little moment felt like butterflies. She did not want to believe there was an end to love. So she drowned in the seconds beneath the moment where magic and stillness collide. And every time she looked into his eyes, she was reminded of how it felt to be alive.”


A pretty cool photo or photos of two legendary hunters out walking in a snow covered forest.

@kelseyreneeharris wearing her Cottage Escape Plaid Flannel says:

“Sunset skies, bonfire nights, I love the simple things. That’s how I’ll always be.”


We love the cabin, her style, and her smile. Can’t argue with happiness at deer camp.

@nbetts27 with a Legendary Jordan Antler Ornament says:

“Another year of chasing PA Whitetail comes to an end. Hell of a year at that! Time to start planning for next year while I wait for sheds to drop! #GoHuntPa #Whitetail #Bowhunting #Hunting #Hoyt #LegendaryWhitetails #WhatGetsYouOutdoors”


The blurred background elements make this a cool shot of our antler ornament hanging from the rear view of a hunter’s truck.

We know you Celebrate The Hunt whenever and wherever you go, so from now on, when you share a photo on social media wearing your favorite deer gear, include the hashtag #LegendaryWhitetails and you could be featured on our website!

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