Tennessee Claims New World Record Whitetail

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It’s the biggest white-tailed buck ever taken by a hunter. No, it didn’t come from a big a private farm in Iowa or Kansas or even the Midwest for that matter, but instead from the unsuspecting state of Tennessee – Sumner County to be exact.

Stephen Tucker's Giant World Record Buck | Tennessee 2016

Tennessee native and farmer, Stephen Tucker was the lucky hunter who made good on the shot with his muzzleloader back in November.  Now, after the required 60-day drying period, the rack scored a whopping 312 3/8 net inches after a panel of four Boone & Crockett scorers measured the antlers.  The score ranks the 47-point buck as the largest non-typical whitetail ever shot by a hunter, eclipsing the Lovstuen buck from Iowa, which scored 307 5/8 net inches and was taken in 2003.

For now, the buck will remain the pending world record until the Boone and Crockett awards banquet in the spring of 2019.

For all the naysayers and haters that are claiming it was a farmed buck, this is a 100% fair chase world-class buck.

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