R.U.T. Phase 2: Graphics, Logo, Full Wrap

In Phase 1 of the R.U.T. Wagon project, we insulated the walls, ran electrical, and installed a window in the 7′ x 14′ enclosed trailer.  With that done (mainly the hole for the window), we were able to start prepping the outside of the trailer for its facelift – a fully custom wrap from our friends at Wild West Studios.  Watch the transformation below.

The Logo Design

Of course, before the wrap was applied, our in-house graphic artists (Marc, Cody, and Jesse) set out to design the perfect logo for what was formerly being called “The Legendary Outdoor Adventure Trailer”. While the name rolled off the tongue alright, there was no way to make it visually appealing and clean in a logo. The name game was on.

We were all stuck in a bit of a rut (see what I did there?), and the names weren’t coming easily. We all agreed an acronym would best suit the trailer project, but finding one that made sense was a challenge. That was until Marc, Legendary’s lead catalog designer (yes, he’s the man behind those awesome catalogs you get every month), had an epiphany – The Legendary R.U.T.

He walked over to my desk with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and threw a piece a paper down and said, “I’ve got it!”  I looked down and see my favorite 3-letter word in the world typed in bold white letters surrounded by an orange badge.

The R.U.T. was born.  Here’s the original logo mockup on the trailer.

Instantly, I was intrigued. Then he went on to explain what RUT stood for: Recreational Utility Trailer.


Somehow, the most exciting word in the deer hunter’s dictionary worked out to be the perfect acronym for the ultimate outdoor adventure trailer conversion project; it was fate.

We had a name and as you can see from the photo above, a pretty good jump on a logo concept. A few tweaks and renditions later, and we landed on the official logo for the Legendary R.U.T.

Jesse working on logo concepts for the R.U.T.

Ultimate Hunting Trailer Conversion Project

Trailer Wrap Design

In the end, we opted to do a complete trailer wrap with deer hunters and even a buck on the back to ultimately make a piece of art that really embodies who Legendary Whitetails is as a company.  A company that’s all about Celebrating The Hunt.

Don and crew from Wild West Studios applying the wrap.

Build Phases & Future Blogs

Phase 1: Behind the Walls – Insulation, Wiring, and Window Installation

Phase 2: Full Trailer Wrap Graphics Installation w/Wild West Studios

Phase 3: V-Nose Cabinets, Flooring, Freezer, & Walls

Phase 4: D-I-Y Roof Mounted PVC Pressurized Water Tanks & Game Hoist

Phase 5: Extendable L-Shaped Kitchen Build

Finale: The Big Shebang!

deer camp essential gear


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