Quiver Hunting App: Effortlessly Track Your Hunts

Have you been wanting to do a better job of keeping a hunting log or journal?  If you’re like me, you may have struggled in the past to keep a journal consistently updated after every hunt.  Every year it seems like I’ll start one during early season scouting missions, but by the time the hustle and bustle of November comes around, that once updated notebook was now somewhere smashed under the back seat of my pickup.

Sure, I’d analyze what I saw after every hunt and try to understand how deer movement might have correlated with the current conditions, but I never consistently logged that info into a permanent database to reference for future years. It was a mistake on my end, but it’s like they say, “better late than never.” Enter the Quiver Hunting App. Rated as one of the best hunting apps for 2017 by Outdoor Life, this app allows you to view real-time weather conditions and track key events throughout your hunt. 

***Currently only available for iOS devices***

New for fall 2017, Legendary Whitetails has teamed up with Quiver Hunting App to provide the means for a more powerful in-the-field tool for the whitetail fanatic.  Its ultra-user-friendly interface allows you to track your deer and turkey hunts with just a few taps of your finger (similar to a hunting journal, only much easier to do from the stand).  Not only that, but instead of having to write down your location, weather, and wind data, the app does it all for you.

Check out some of the additional features and functionality of the app below.

Swipe through home screens to view weather conditions in all your favorite spots. Build a timeline of your hunts to understand deer activity.

Track key events from the stand in a few simple taps. Review past hunts and track season totals.

In-App Features

  • Real-time weather conditions for your favorite spots
  • Wind, weather, and moon data
  • Review past hunts and track season totals
  • Track key events with the tap of your finger
  • Photo upload
  • Sunrise + Sunset times
  • Timeline display of hunts
  • Take field notes


Oh, we almost forgot to mention… IT’S FREE! So go download it now (currently only available on iOS). Give it a try and let us know what you think.  Let’s be real: the year is 2017, and it’s time to say goodbye to that raggedy old spiral notebook.

Currently, Quiver is only available on iOS, but the Quiver team hopes to have it up and running on Android devices for the 2019 season.

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