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AJ Gall

Are you tired of buying multiple base layers just so you can make it through the weekend without stinking up the woods?  Since base layers are worn close to your skin, the minute you start sweating, odor-causing bacteria begins to grow and multiply, ultimately giving off a nasty stench. Try wearing those base layers on the second or third day of the hunt without a wash, and the sound of that mature doe blowing at you won’t be too pleasing.

HuntGuard® is the solution.

HuntGuard performance hunting layering camo system

When you hear a product like our HuntGuard base Layers having Nanotec™ w/SmartSilver® technology, what does that really mean to you? Sure, it sounds cool and high tech, but what does it (Nanotec) actually do for you, the consumer?

The copy under each product is simply too small to explain all the features in detail, which is why we’ve written this article – to help you understand exactly what Nanotec w/SmartSilver is and why it’s the best scent control system on the market.

What is Nanotec w/SmartSilver?

SmartSilver® nanoscale technology bonds silver at the molecular level to provide highly effective scent protection and permanent antimicrobial performance that is never weakened by sweat, abrasion, or washing.

SmartSilver® Nanoparticles at 40,000 Magnification

As the name suggests, there are tiny (nano) particles of silver infused in the fabrics of selected HuntGuard Products.  Any next-to-skin HuntGuard layer will have Nanotec antimicrobial technology – base layers, socks, hats, gloves, etc.

Why is Nanotec only included in next-to-skin layers? 

The answer is simple and is reliant upon how the technology works.  The key being that silver is moisture (sweat) activated. When materials infused with SmartSilver come into contact with moisture, they release very low levels of silver ions, which in turn inhibits the growth of microbes that cause odor and material degradation. Silver ions disrupt three cellular pathways (respiration, replication, and cell wall synthesis) within the bacteria cells, which is why nanosilver is so effective.

Nanotec™ w/SmartSilver™ Diagram Moisture (sweat) causes the silver enhanced material to release silver ions, which effectively kill odor-causing bacteria.

Why We Chose SmartSilver® tech for HuntGuard

There are four main factors why SmartSilver was chosen as the odor eating, antimicrobial treatment in our HuntGuard line – it’s permanent, effective, safe, and has a proven track record.

It’s permanent – Unlike some competitors which use silver salts in their hunting garments, HuntGuard has nanoparticles of pure silver.  Independent testing has shown that the SmartSilver particles remain embedded within a product, whereas other antimicrobial technologies have uncontrolled release of silver. SmartSilver additives are designed to permanently attach to the threading material so the particles stay tightly bound.  Bottom line, even after 30+ wear/wash cycles the garment is just as effective as the first time you wore it.

It’s effective – SmartSilver is effective against 600+ species of bacteria and fungus and is proven to kill 99%+ of common microbes, protecting the product from fungal damage and eliminating odor-causing bacteria.  It works…period. See Track Record below.

It’s Safe –  Silver is a natural antimicrobial that’s been used since ancient times. Silver is non-toxic to people, animals, and plants. SmartSilver is environmentally safe, fully registered with the EPA, and approved by Oeko-Tex as free from harmful substances.

Proven Track Record – If today’s military and healthcare professionals use SmartSilver enhanced apparel, wouldn’t you?  Because of its effectiveness, SmartSilver technology has been used in military uniforms, medical scrubs, bedding, and even medical devices to prevent the growth of bacteria and biofilm build-up.

Hunter to Hunter

When my Nanotec socks and baselayers don’t stink after a full day of shed hunting in knee high rubber boots, you know those tiny nanoparticles are hard at work.  It really is incredible how well the HuntGuard base layers work, both from an odor control and layering perspective. It’s extremely beneficial to have performance wear that can withstand multiple days of field use without a wash, all while still controlling scent. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

HuntGuard performance hunting layering camo system

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