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Slinger, WI, February 2018 – Legendary Whitetails is proud to announce our partnership with The Hunting Public – a rising online hunting show. In short, The Hunting Public is a group of guys who just plain out love to hunt and be outside. So, what makes them different than any other hunting show?

The answer – a lot.

Their primary focus is using aggressive tactics on public land, but they also cover a broad range of hunting scenarios from small properties to managed land. The content they produce on a daily basis can be likened to that of an AP class for deer hunters; they are superb teachers.

Who Is The Hunting Public?

When asked about their mission, Aaron Warbritton, co-founder of The Hunting Public, had this to say,

Through our efforts, we want to show who the average hunter is and that they care about wildlife, the environment, and each other.

We hunt public land often for a variety of reasons, one of which is to relate to people.  Most of us grew up hunting public land or small properties on permission or sitting in deer camp with family and friends.  That’s what hunting really is and what The Hunting Public is all about.  Those are the stories we want to tell.  Our goal is to bring people together.”

Jake, Brody, and Zach celebrating a successful public land hunt.

Ryan Johnson, Content Marketing Manager at Legendary Whitetails described the partnership as a “No-brainer.”

He continued, “They are the perfect fit for our company and our values. The Hunting Public Celebrates the Hunt on a daily basis just like us. The only difference is they get to spend a whole lot more time out in the woods than most of us.”

Through the partnership, Legendary Whitetails becomes the recognized apparel and camo sponsor of The Hunting Public. Together, they hope to shift the culture of the hunting industry. The Hunting Public crew goes to great lengths to inform and educate their audience by breaking down every strategy and tactic they use to hunt wise old public land bucks.

“The hunting industry [as a whole] needed this,” said AJ Gall, Community Content Coordinator for Legendary Whitetails. “For the most part, TV hunts have been so focused on shooting big bucks and forcing product down our throats that they’ve lost touch with reality along the way. That’s not what makes a hunt successful or fun.  It’s the hunting lifestyle we love. It’s deer camp. It’s the long trips up north in the pickup discussing strategies for the weekend’s hunts. It’s a backstrap filled dinner plate. It’s the late-night tracking missions. The whole thing, it’s an adventure.  And that’s what The Hunting Public captures and shares better than anybody else.”

The Hunting Public currently has over 75 videos and podcasts on their YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe and also check them out on Facebook and Instagram as the crew continues to share scouting, shed hunting, and soon-to-be turkey hunting content on a weekly basis.

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