Legendary Whitetails Joins the #ShedRally Fun!

AJ Gall

February 3, 2015 – Legendary Whitetails is teaming up with Whitetail Properties,Realtree, Scentlok, and Buck Knives to promote and participate in the second annual #ShedRally – The World’s Largest Shed Hunt.

Nothing else like this exists in the outdoor world today.  The unique concept connects shed hunters across the world (literally), who are all participating in the same activity, on the same day (March 7th), all through the power of a little #hashtag.

#ShedRally’s focus is to get family and friends outside together, enjoying the great outdoors, learning about deer hunting, and getting a little exercise while doing it.  Since Legendary Whitetails is a company that practices what it preaches, promoting the outdoor lifestyle that #ShedRally encompasses was an easy decision, especially since it’s an event focused around whitetail deer.

Never heard of shed hunting?  Picture yourself in a real-world “I Spy” book and you have to find hidden antlers scattered across the landscape.  Sound challenging? That’s because it is.  Even for the most experienced antler finders, success often requires hours of searching.  Shed hunting is an annual endeavor because whitetails cast their antlers (sheds) every year during the late winter.

Shed hunting’s popularity has grown exponentially over the past decade and#ShedRally is prepared to do the same.  During #ShedRally’s inaugural campaign last winter, thousands of photos were uploaded across the globe using the hashtag#ShedRally.  Thus said, it is without a doubt, that #ShedRally is here to stay.

The hunt begins March 7th, 2015. Get up off the couch and get out there!

For more information on how to participate, check out the official trailer for #ShedRally 2015 below or click here to read more about the event.

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